Kampuchea! This word may sound odd to you because it’s the word used by locals to call their country instead of Cambodia which is normally used by foreigners. If you are looking for ways to escape from skyscrapers and want to experience daily life of the smiling people and their beautiful hidden gems, book a private local guide which will show you the best of Cambodia. From natural waterfalls and jungles like Areng Valley, earthly paradise jungle, to man-made wonders like Angkor Wat, all of which you can easily visit during a private tour, Cambodia is a destination that you should not miss. In Cambodia, you will be able feel the way of life of the locals by joining of the personalized local tours, tasting the most famous gravy so-called Korko and sharing your joy with local family. These will make your holiday a memorable one. So why don’t you put hamburger aside for a while? With many customs and places that are not yet uncovered in tourist guide books that you may want to buy before visiting Cambodia, you will be surprised how much a private local guide can show and tell you. While hopping on a regular tour bus might be a great option to explore the famous sights, why not joining a private tour led by a local guide? Not only will you explore off the beaten track wonders, but also get to know the local lifestyle and true culture. Local Cambodians are eager to show you the best your their country and personalize a tour to match all your needs. So wait no more and find your private local guide.