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Thinking about taking a gap year in Australia? Here’s the travel guide you need to read…

Looking to set out on a gap year in Australia? Or not sure where to travel yet and want to find out if an Australian gap year lives up to the hype?

There’s a lot of information floating around about student travel down under, career break ideas, working abroad and gap year travel in general, so we thought we’d create the ultimate, easy to digest guide to everything you need to know about spending a gap year in Australia.

Whether you’ve done a lot of travelling before or not, as soon as you dream those immortal words, ‘it’s time to plan my gap year’, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed about the process that lies ahead.

Well, stress no longer, because you’re in the right place. Here’s the low down on that gap year in Australia you’ve been dreaming of all your life. Thank us later from the golden beaches of Oz.

What Is A Gap Year?

If you’ve been living under a rock for the majority of your life so far – which by the way is a great reason to now get up and go on a gap year – then this one is for you.

A gap year is a period of time taken out between life-stages, whether a career break or break from academic life as a student, to travel, volunteer or work abroad.

If you’re looking at this screen, still contemplating what to do with your life and thinking ‘should I take a gap year?’, the answer is yes, it’s a great way to get away from the rat race for a while, live out some dreams and see parts of the world that you never would have otherwise.

Australian Gap Year Experiences And Adventures

Wondering what to do in Australia when you get there? Well, there are a whole host of reasons why a gap year in Australia could be the right one for you, and the sun, surfing and famously laid back culture of the country are only the start of it.

If the reason you’re taking a break in the first place is to get out there and see the world like you’ve never seen it before, a gap year in Australia could well be the one for you. It’s a big country, and the vast variation between the different regions really makes it stand out from the crowd.

The beaches in Australia are some of the best in the world. From the legendary Bondi Beach in Sydney to the Twelve Apostles in Victoria and less-trodden beaches in between, the place is basically a sun-lovers heaven. Think golden sand, golden sun, attractive members of the opposite sex and more surfing spots that you can point a bag of GoPros at.

Moving on from the beaches – which is something many of you are justifiably unlikely to do if you do ever make it down under – the wildlife down under is another common reason folk choose to take a gap year in Australia. Kangaroo Island, where you can see koalas, whales and dolphins as well as ‘roos, is just a short ferry ride from Adelaide, or you could even nip over to Tasmania and see an endangered Tasmanian devil if you’re lucky.

We should note that you may also see the odd 11-foot spider holding a giant, spiky boomerang in the corner of your bedroom, but don’t let that put you off…

Terrain-wise, the country is so diverse that a journey through the heart of it can be like a journey through the four seasons of the year – it’s the perfect mix for gap year travel.

The eerie-redness of the Australian outback is famously bizarre and unlike anything else on the planet, with canyons and waterfalls popping up out of nowhere and aboriginal caves lending a bit more culture and history to that adventurous trip of yours.

On the other side of things, you’ll find both rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef near Queensland, and even the opportunity to go skiing or mountain biking a few hours north of Melbourne at Mt. Buller. To sum up, a gap year in Australia is effectively like travelling through a highlights reel of the planet Earth. All killer, no filler. Perfect for those wanting to get away.

Getting Around Australia And Where To Stay

There are plenty of ways to travel the country as well. Touring company like Grabatour Travel offers 8 Day Oz Gap Year which offers 18-35-year-old backpackers epic group travel. You will join a group of young working holiday visa holders from everywhere in the world, this is a great opportunity for you to make new friends in Australia to start the Aussie Adventure with. They also support you with everything you need to start your adventure in Australia as below:

√ Find work easy: You’ll receive a 12-months membership to Travellers At Work, our in-house recruitment agency and voted Australia’s best backpacker job service. We connect employers and job seekers making sure every job we post is a genuine position suitable for working holiday makers.

√ Apply for jobs even on your phone: Get started before you arrive: write your CV, browse jobs online from anywhere and easily apply even on your phone or tablet. Set up your profile and be found by employers on short notice.

√ Personal recruitment specialists: Talk to our recruitment experts to get help with writing your CV, advice on second-year visa jobs or necessary certificates and any other questions you may have.

√ Aussie Bank Account: We’ll help you open your Australian bank account even before you leave home! Your ATM card will be ready to collect when you arrive!

√ Tax File Number: You need a Tax File Number to legally work in Australia. We’ll take care of it for you so you don’t have to worry about any paperwork!

√ 12-months Mail Service: We’ll provide you with a fixed address for your time in Australia. Your mail will be scanned so you can easily access it online – anytime and anywhere.

√ Aussie SIM card: We’ll organise your Australian mobile SIM (any size), with a range of cheap prepaid plans available.

√ Tax Refunds: At the end of your time in Australia we’ll help you claim a tax refund, which could be worth thousands.

√ Medicare: If eligible, we’ll help you apply for Medicare so you get discounted / free healthcare whilst in Australia.

√ RSA certificate included: For most hospitality work in Australia it’s a legal requirement to have a RSA Certificate (Responsible Service of Alcohol). 8 Day Oz Gap Year includes your RSA to work in QLD, NT, SA & WA.

√ Bar Skills Course included: If you have little to no experience in hospitality our fun and informative 1-day Bar Skills course will help you gain the basic skills and understanding required to get a job in hospitality.

√ All certificates covered: Depending on the type of work you are looking for you might need other certificates such as a White Card for construction work. We’re part of a Registered Training Organisation and offer discounts on all other courses.

Volunteer Work In Australia

It’s also possible to get volunteer abroad in Australia, with many conservation sites offering work which also comes with accommodation and food included and will see you spend a lot of time around some of the most stunning scenery in the country.

Most free volunteer work abroad isn’t usually completely free – you may still have to pay your own way out there normally and you’ll definitely need spending money – but it is a great option for those who would prefer less responsibility, no hassle over accommodation and a gap year experience spent deep in the great outdoors.

The voluntary jobs on offer in the country range from working in parks and reserves to working on beaches and even deep in the Outback – and that’s only what’s on offer around Sydney and New South Wales.

Western Australia, including Perth, offers similar experiences, while Queensland boasts rainforests, Brisbane and beautiful coastlines and Melbourne and Victoria offer access to the Great Ocean Road and the most famous coastlines of Australia.

There are also conservation volunteering jobs around the famous Ayers Rock in the North, working with wallabies in Adelaide or even with Tasmanian devils in, you guessed it, Tasmania.

Again, remember that you’ll need to sort your tourist visa before you head out for any of these!

The Basics: Australia

Currency: Australian dollar

Average temperature: Varies vastly throughout the country, but South Australia’s summer runs from December to February, where the average is 28.3 Celsius but regularly rises above 30.

Emergency numbers: 000 is the national emergency number to remember in Australia.

Language: English

Visa Info: Working Holiday Visa needed.

Main attractions: Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock, golden beaches, rainforests, deserts and ski slopes. Take your pick!

Check out the full itinerary of 8 Day Oz Gap Year on here!

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